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Are you ready? Let's go!


What It's Like to Work with Me... 

My favorite thing is creating a relationship with each of my clients and working with them 1:1. I get to know them by finding out about their work & home life, what stresses them out, etc. I take the time to do that so it's not viewed as "just another session".  I want them to be excited when they get on the phone or Zoom with me! Also provided are weekly check-ins either via Zoom, text, or video message.  

The Process...


Fill out online questionnaire here


Schedule Zoom to discuss where you're at, your goals and, to see if we are a good fit


I then create your customized nutrition & fitness plan to reach your goals


You get started on your new healthy lifestyle journey

My Programs...

VIP Coaching


  • 1:1 Individualized coaching through the 1st Phorm App that provides higher accountability, custom macros & calories, and a workout program that fits your needs

  • 30-45 min Consultation call

  • Detailed weekly check-ins through the 1st Phorm App

  • Additional pop-up check-ins throughout the week

  • Messaging through the 1st Phorm App to answer any questions, concerns, or needs

  • Weekly 1:1 coaching call (15-20 min) available upon request

  • Option to have ONLINE Personal Training sessions with me

  • Access to my Empowered Lifestyle Fitness Facebook page to share wins, struggles, and progress 

  • Utilize announcements in the 1st Phorm App and Facebook group for education, accountability, and community

  • Mindset work, self-care, and helping you to create lifestyle changes that are sustainable

  • Supplements not required but highly recommended for best results

Premium Coaching


  • Initial Macros

  • Pic/Measurement Tracking 

  • Contact with me via the 1P App + FB Messenger

  • Community Support/Team Accountability

  • Supplement Recommendations & Training Suggestions

  • Bi-Weekly Calls to cover nutrition, supplements, & movement

Online Personal Training


1:1 Virtual training session via Zoom or Facetime booked through my Calendly link​

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